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Terms and Conditions PO Boxes - Individual

PO Box Rental (Individuals)

  • Emirates Post is the sole exclusive owner of all the PO Boxes. The PO Box may not be sub-leased, or assigned to any other person or entity.
  • The PO Box renter must be a resident of the United Arab Emirates and at least 18 years old.
  • The PO Box will be considered the legal address of the renter.
  • Emirates Post offers the PO Box service through an annual contract. The rental period starts at the application date and ends on December 31st of each year.
  • PO Box numbers will be assigned at the discretion of Emirates Post.
  • Emirates Post is the only entity authorized to install PO Boxes. You must contact Emirates Post to carry out the necessary procedures for installing licensed PO Boxes.

PO Box Individual Service Packages

  • My Box
  • My Home

Payment Terms

The applied service fees must be paid, through the payment channels provided by Emirates Post Group. Emirates Post reserves the right to immediately cease the service in the in the event of non-payment of subscription renewal fees within the grace period determined by the Emirates Post Group, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

PO Box Location

Emirates Post reserves the right to change the location and PO Box numbers at its sole discretion and at any time it sees fit with a 30-day prior notice to the customer.

Mail Items Pile-Up

The renter must collect the mail items form the PO Box regularly. If the PO Box fills up and mail piles up, Emirates Post will notify the renter to collect the piled up items, with a grace period of 15 days from the date of notice for collection. If the renter does not empty the box, the mail items will be returned to sender. In the event that the PO Box is full 3 consecutive times from the first notice, the renter must upgrade the package. If the package is not upgraded, the new items will be returned to the sender or transferred to the Returns Committee.

Misuse of the PO Box

  • The PO Box may not be used for illegitimate or fraudulent purposes. The PO Box must not be left open. Emirates Post bears no responsibility whatsoever for any direct or indirect losses or damages that may arise from such actions or from the negligence of the renter, whether intentional or unintentional.

  • Emirates Post shall be responsible for the maintenance and replacement of the box. Emirates Post shall not be liable in case of misuse, as the renter shall bear full legal responsibility and the consequences due to the cost of replacement and maintenance of the full box.

  • The customer does not have the right to damage or deform the mailbox, neither by writing on it nor placing stickers. The customer must not cause any damage to the the PO Box or the site where the PO Box is physically located. Emirates Post has the right to charge the renter with the PO Box repair cost.

  • Individuals are not permitted to use the Individual PO Box as a Corporate PO Box. The renter must upgrade to a Corporate service in order to do so.

  • If the terms and conditions are not complied with, Emirates Post has the right to close the PO Box and dispose of the undelivered letters in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, as the renter bears full legal responsibility and the consequences thereof.

Unknown Letters

Letters received that are unrelated to the renter must be deposited in the unknown letters box. Subscribers of the "My Home" service can deposit the unknown letters in the outgoing part of the box, and hand them over to the delivery representative.

Lost Keys

The customer is not allowed to make copies of the PO Box keys. In the event the keys are lost, an application for a new lock must be submitted at any postal center and the fees paid. Emirates Post Groups is not responsible for lost keys and the consequences thereof.

Cancellation / withdrawal / rejection of the PO Box service request

Emirates Post has the right to cancel / withdraw / reject any PO Box subscription request at any time.

Upgrading and downgrading the PO Box service package

The renter is allowed to upgrade the PO Box package any time during the year after paying the difference. Downgrading the package is allowed during the rental period, but the renter will not be reimbursed the difference.

“My Home” Service Conditions

Obtaining written approval from the property owner if different than the box renter.

Renter must obtain the property owner’s approval to install the box. Emirates Post shall not be liable for any dispute arising from the installation of the box or any damages that may occur to the building or its parts as a result of the installation or removal of the box.

Retaining the PO Box number: My Home box can be relocated within an emirate and the PO Box number retained. It may also be relocated to another emirate as per the terms and conditions and related fees.

Pickup and Delivery: Pickup and delivery service of items to the post office box is available according to the rental package and Emirates Post Group’s delivery schedule.

Change of Address: The renter is responsible for updating their personal data, either by submitting an additional service request at the Post Office, or through the call center, after paying related fees.

Postal Authorization Service

A service through which an agent is authorized to collect the mail from the post office, which may otherwise only be collected by the renter of the box, according to the terms and conditions determined by the Emirates Post Group.

Service Continuation

In order to keep the PO Box number and continue the service, the renter must commit to renewing the PO Box during the grace period specified by Emirates Post Group at the end of the rental period.

Postal Service Suspension

Emirates Post Group reserves the right to terminate the service immediately in case the subscription renewal fees are not paid within the grace period specified by Emirates Post Group, according to the applicable laws and regulations.

PO Box Service Cancellation

  • In the event that the renter would like to cancel the PO Box service subscription, it is required to fill out the cancellation request form at the nearest post office and attach the required documents (presenting proof of identity), noting that fees that had been paid by the customer for the remaining period of the rental will not be reimbursed.

  • In accordance with Emirates Post Group’s terms and conditions, any mail item, received after the “grace period” for subscription renewal of the specified PO Box service, will be returned to sender or disposed of according to the rules and regulations applied by the Emirates Post Group.

  • Emirates Post Group has the right to reclaim the box when the PO Box subscription service renewal “grace period” ends, in accordance with the applicable terms, conditions and regulations.

Required Documents for the PO Box Subscription:

The following documents must be submitted with the service application:

  • A valid ID card
  • For “My Home” service subscription, a proof of property ownership or a no-objection letter from the owner must be submitted.
  • The service application must be submitted with the fees and required documents at the nearest post office to you, or by uploading the required documents onto the Emirates Post Group’s website or official app.

Official communication channels

For further information, suggestions or remarks, please contact us on our official channels:

Call Center 600599999


  • Terms and conditions apply on the use of the website for subscribing in the PO Box service.

  • We reserve the right to amend the terms and condition later, and thus you must review these terms and conditions regularly. We are not obliged to contact or notify you of any changes made on the terms and conditions. Your continued use of the PO Box service will be considered an agreement to the terms and conditions applied.

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