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Our Response to COVID-19 Outbreak

At Emirates Post, our staff and customers are at the heart of our business. To ensure the continuation of our services and maintain your trust in the quality and safety of our products and services, we have taken the following precautionary protocols:

General Safety Measures

Given the current circumstances, we are on high-alert and observing the global situation to ensure the health and wellbeing of our staff and customers We are implementing safety measures in line with the requirements set out by the UAE health authorities and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. This includes disinfection protocols across our operations several times a day to combat any chances of transmission: Customer Happiness Centres and all offices Loading areas, sorting centers, and all shipments coming in Trucks and other transportation vehicles We have banned global business travel, advised against personal travel, and postponed all business events Visitation Policies:

Only scheduled visitors will be allowed entry to our offices. All visitors will be vetted to ensure good health and advised on hygiene protocol before entering the premises

It is the responsibility of the organizing party to communicate with the guest and ensure they have no type of illness prior to entering the building Service Continuity at Customer Happiness Centers

Our Customer Happiness Centers remain operational for the time being with no changes to timings. The teams in our branches are working in shifts and are minimizing needless contact with customers as much as possible. We have implemented remote working for our administrative roles and activated teleconferencing solutions to facilitate virtual meetings. We urge our customers to make use of our online services and solutions as much as possible given the need for social distancing during this period. Contactless Measures

To help minimize close contact in our communities, our delivery drivers will not be handing over hand-held devices to customer to capture signatures (where permitted). Instead, items will be placed outside the intended recipient’s door, and from a safe distance ask the customer to confirm their full name and ID details in lieu of signatory proof. The teams in our Customer Happiness Centers shall cease the practice of physical signature for all item deliveries. They shall accept over-the-counter delivery transactions by asking customers to place his/her own identity card in the reading device to capture their data. We encourage customers to use credit cards or wireless methods of payment to settle fees when possible. Increased Delivery Capacity

We have ramped up our delivery capacity to support our partners with their last-mile fulfilment requirements given the increase in online orders placed by UAE consumers. We have offered free delivery of mail items to PO Box subscribers that are 60+ years of age and People of Determination.

Digital Options

Place an order online for a pick-up service and one of our courier drivers will collect the shipment for dispatch from your office or home. Renew personal or corporate PO Box subscriptions through our website Business Continuity (BCP)

The Executive Management Committee (EMC) and BCP task force conduct daily video conferencing calls on the evolution of the situation, discuss the protocols taken by the official authorities, assess our operations and approve any new measures to be implemented. Our Business Units are mobilizing their detailed Business Continuity Plans, including pandemic operating plans, and implementing preventive actions as instructed by the UAE authorities. If an employee comes to work exhibiting flu-like symptoms, or has a temperature higher than 37.3 degrees Celsius, we immediately ask that they visit the closest medical facility for testing. If there is no facility nearby, we will quarantine them and organize their care until medical transportation to a facility can be organized If any of EP’s team tests positive, they will be immediately quarantined with measures taken for their care and those that they have come in contact with, and replaced with a back-up team All of our employees receive regular educational briefings on maintaining hygiene practices and good health All Emirates Post staff have been provided with sanitizers and disinfectant wipes and masks and are encouraged to wash their hands regularly All front line Emirates Post staff have been issued basic hygiene packs. Our buildings have been equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers and are being restocked as needed Should the current situation require Emirates Post to operate with reduced operating hours in our Customer Happiness Centers; a rotation schedule will be put in place to ensure we are able to continue serving our communities. In regards to our operations, we have a contingency resource plan to support the replacement of essential staff, should the need occur, however this will be evaluated to the relevant conditions in accordance with government mandates. Disruptions to International Postal Network

We are working diligently with the Universal Postal Union and our postal partners to offset any delays and interruptions in our international postal network Limited delays are inevitable due to airline schedule disruption, cancellations, workforce reductions and protocols in destination countries We are keeping channels open with countries around the world through cargo solutions and close liaison with our affiliates in the private sector, including premium service partners. Emirates Post is committed to serving our customers and the people of the UAE in a safe manner and appreciate your trust in this difficult time.

Last Update: 28 Jul 2022, 01:29:58 pm