SCAM ALERT: Beware of fraudulent and fake messages in the name of Emirates Post Group, we do not ask for your debit/credit card details via SMS, WhatsApp, or email. Report the scammers to [email protected] or 600599999

Let’s fight fraud.

Beware of scammers. Report them to [email protected] or 600599999.

Together, let’s fight fraud!

Scammers mostly ask for your credit card, debit card or personal details. If you encountered any of these, protect yourself and report them right away.

Report a Scam

How to spot it:

Digital Participation Policy

Keep Information current so people can find you

Do not entertain any email about a shipment that’s ready for delivery with a payment link. We will never contact you via Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or any other servers. Our official email addresses end with or, like: [email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Social Media

Fraudsters use fake social media accounts to message you directly. They’ll claim they’re from the Emirates Post management, asking you to pay through a link. When you receive such messages, report them to us and block. Our only social channels are:

SMS or WhatsApp

Do not respond to text messages from unknown numbers

Using a private number, fraudsters will inform you about a shipment you need to pay for. Our team will never ask for payment via SMS or WhatsApp with their personal numbers. We only send SMS through our registered accounts, EmiratesPST or AD-POSTUAE.

E-commerce Websites

Be careful in making transactions on online platforms like Dubizzle. Scammers often pretend as mediators between the buyer and the seller via a fraudulent Emirates Post link, asking for personal and bank details. Please note that Emirates Post will never facilitate payments between users across any website.

How to stop it?

Do not answer

Avoid replying but note the sender’s details or fake website URL.

Protect your info

Unless it’s on our official website or app, never share your details.

Never click the links

Do not let scammers track your personal info, IP and device with one click.

How to avoid it

The best way to avoid fraudulent attacks is to handle all your transactions and payments exclusively on Emirates Post’s official website and mobile app. Double check the links, install anti-phishing softwares, and always stay vigilant on potential scams. Only you can guarantee your protection.

Your security is our priority

Ensuring we protect our customers’ physical and technical information, we at Emirates Post adopt international security standards including ISO 27001:2013 to minimise information security risks. Rest assured that we are continuously assessing, enhancing, and developing controls to increase our security.

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Last Update: 18 Sept 2023, 11:30:07 am