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08 Dec 2023

Emirates Post Group Announces Winners of its ‘Logistics Unleashed’ Competition

Emirates Post Group Company (EPG), in partnership with the UAE’s Ministry of Education and various renowned technology companies, revealed the winners of its robotics competition ‘Logistics Unleashed’ following a judging session and awarding ceremony. The competition was designed in line with EPG’s objective of bridging the gap between academia and industry and fostering innovation in the logistics and supply chain sector.

With the support of technology partners, Bayanat, a leader in AI-powered geo-intelligent solutions, Skygo, a trailblazer in drone technology; and Strata, an advanced manufacturing company, the students participated in immersive educational tours and received profound insights into the latest technology advancements with the opportunity to see innovation in action.

The shortlisted finalists pitched their submissions and demonstrated their robotic solutions to a panel of esteemed judges. Following the deliberation process against the competition criteria, Alpha Team, whose members are Saif Dhafer Alameri, Bassem Mohamed Ghorab, Noureldin Mohamed Elhendawi, and Mohammed Walid Tarnini, claimed first place with Team RoboPost winning second and MASH Innovators in third place.

The competition provided a platform to nurture innovation and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset with the students. By tasking them with developing robots / technical solutions to streamline postal operations, students actively contributed to EPG’s innovation efforts, showcasing opportunities to enhance operational efficiencies. It also served as a testament to EPG’s commitment to engage and empower the younger generation towards a future characterised by technological advancements.

In addition, ‘Logistics Unleashed’ underscored EPG’s steadfast commitment to the UAE Vision 2050. The vision aims to cultivate a competitive knowledge-based economy, with a particular emphasis on identifying the pivotal role of young individuals in realising its objectives. The competition adds to the wide array of initiatives and policies launched by the UAE to propel youth education, enhancement of skills, creation of employment opportunities and ensure maximum civic involvement, thereby contributing to the country’s holistic development goal.