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04 Jul 2023

Emirates Post Group launches “Logistics Unleashed” to promote robotic advancements within the logistics industry

Emirates Post Group Company (EPG) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and various technology partners, is inviting all university and college students with a passion for innovation and robotics to participate in their inaugural “Logistics Unleashed” competition. The competition, conducted as an educational program, is the Group’s first annual robotics competition aimed at bridging the gap between academia and industry.

The Ministry of Education emphasized the importance of the competition in enriching students' technical skills, improving their ability to innovate and employing their ideas optimally, with the purpose of introducing students to the logistics industry. The Ministry of Education will invite students with robotics and programming skills to participate in EPG’s innovative program by registering their interest through a dedicated link.

Three teams, comprised of two to four students, with at least one Emirati national, will be selected to build a robot as a solution to the competition’s case study. EPG will provide each participating group with AED 5,000 for purchasing the necessary materials, empowering the teams to bring their innovative ideas to life.

A distinguishing factor of the competition is the accompanying educational program that will run from September to November. Participating students will visit EPG’s facilities, including the sorting centre and retail branches, as well as the headquarters of the participating technology partners to gain first-hand insights into the logistics industry and the potential technological advancements that can be incorporated.

EPG’s collaboration with the Ministry of Education, reflects its commitment to developing talent and driving advancements in the logistics sector. Supported by the Group’s technology partners, Bayanat, SkyGo, and STRATA, the “Logistics Unleashed” program promises to unlock a world of new opportunities for participating students and the logistics industry.

All participating students who complete the program successfully will be awarded with monetary rewards, as well as trophies and certificates recognizing all their efforts.

University and college students wishing to participate in EPG’s “Logistic Unleashed” competition, can apply at Registration concludes on August 28, 2023.