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Letter Mailbox Art Competition

EPG invites Emirati artists to participate in the Letter Mailbox initiative. This creative endeavor aims to transform red mailboxes across the UAE into compelling art pieces that powerfully narrate the stories of each city.

In a world where the hustle often overwhelms us, these mailboxes emerge as silent heroes, binding the threads of human connection. With a touch of nostalgia, they stand as beacons of hope in this digital age, reminding us of the enchanting power of written words.

The Significance of Mailboxes: The history of mailboxes in the United Arab Emirates dates to 1932, when the very first letter was posted from a Dubai postal service via Sharjah Airport. Letters once served as vital forms of communication, fostering deep connections between individuals. Today, the UAE has over (350) mailboxes, and through this initiative, we seek to transform these historical and integral monuments into captivating art pieces that tell the tale of our country.


EPG is looking for passionate Emirati artists to take part in the letter Art initiative. To be considered, artists must exhibit a strong connection to history and their community, as the selected artworks will tell the tale of each city.

Interested artists are required to submit a detailed proposal that beautifully captures their envisioned artwork, while focusing on the historical significance of the chosen location and Emirate. Please be aware that proposals may need to be adjusted to align with operational guidelines.

Out of the pool of applicants, seven exceptional artists will be chosen, with each artist receiving a commission to create an inspiring artwork for a specific city.

  • Participants must be Emirati.
  • The competition is open to amateurs in the fields of hand-drawing, digital art, and graphic design.
  • Artists interested in participating must choose one of the seven Emirates and submit artistic proposals focusing on the culture and history of the emirate.
  • Seven exceptional art pieces will be selected from the submissions.
  • The final designs of the winners will be printed by Emirates Post Group and displayed on the red mailboxes.
  • Each winning artist will receive a cash prize of AED 10,000.

Mailbox Locations


Key Dates


The selected Artist will receive a reward of AED 10,000
upon the successful completion of their work.

Last Update: 21 May 2024, 03:07:59 pm