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Registered SMS

Text message with probative value

Registered SMS provides a legal proof of the message content, the exact time the SMS is sent to the user’s handset, and the moment it is received.It is an easy, fast and inexpensive way to provide legal security to your usual electronic communications.

Reliable SMS

Longer texts

Registered SMS has a maximum length of 612 characters, allowing the sending of larger texts without increasing the cost.


Registered SMS could be used as documentary evidence. It is recognized as reliable communication.


The cost of a Registered SMS is 95% cheaper than its paper counterpart, not counting the savings in time thanks to its comfort.

Sending Registered SMS

Customization options

Advanced settings

The texts of the SMS can be customized automatically, with names, surnames, or any other information; templates can also be created for resending Registered SMS using the same text. The sending of either a single SMS or a mass campaign, can be scheduled at your preferred time. We generate the legally admissible attestation certificate as soon as the email is legally delivered to the recipient.

The certificate

The evidence

The certificate we issue is a PDF document. It includes the day and time of the sending, the day and time of delivery, the sender's number and the recipient's number, all with a time stamp.

Benefits of Registered SMS

Legal value

It can be used as a documentary evidence


Within seconds, your registered SMS will be delivered to the recipient.


The cost is much lower than that of traditional reliable communications.

Protects the environment

It prevents the management, the expenses and the impact on the environment that involves the use and abuse of paper.

Some uses of electronic notifications

Debt collection

Notification workforce schedules

Sending test results to providers

Pick up and delivery notifications

Extension of terms

Protection of intellectual rights

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