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Registered Document Delivery

Electronic communication with proof of opening

With Registered Document Delivery, you send the recipient an email or text message with a link to access its content. Once the link is opened, you access a web page, and the documents sent by the sender are automatically displayed. We certify the opening of these documents issuing a documentary evidence.

Certify the opening of documents sent by email or text messages


As with all Registered emails or SMS, we know when it is sent to the recipient.


We also certify the moment it is delivered to the destination server, a necessary piece of information to be accepted as strong evidence.


When the user accesses the web page, we certify the opening of the document.

Know when your email is opened

Send the email or SMS

First step

Write and send the email or SMS from Registered Document Delivery in the dashboard. Enter the recipient or recipients, set the texts of the email or SMS, and attach the PDF document (content you want to send).

Opening of the document

Second Step

When clicking on the link provided in the email, the link gives access to the document to be opened and read. The documentary evidence has a digital signature a time stamp and it provides you with the legal validity to bring it in any court or public administration.

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