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Whether you are a passionate stamp collector looking to enrich your precious collection or you want to stamp your letter or postcard with a meaningful stamp celebrating important event from the UAE, Emirates Post Stamp Shop got you covered.

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Enjoy browsing in our unique collection of stamps celebrating events like expo 2020, Emirates MARS mission and many more!

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Types of products we offer

NFT Stamp

The NFT stamp card is a high-quality credit card-sized plastic card with a thickness of 0.8mm made of a 
5-layer composite structure of FSC certified 
(eco-friendly and sustainable) printed paper with a chip layer and a blocking barrier for security purposes.

FDC envelope

It is an envelope issued where the stamps and souvenir sheets are placed on and cancelled with a special cancellation. It is issued specially on the first day of issue.

Souvenir Sheets

The Souvenir Sheet is issued for special and commemorative subjects in limited quantity and is available in Philatelic bureaus.

Post Cards

Explore our unique post cards, which are timed 
to important and memorable events, architectural structures and personalities.

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