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Integration Solutions

Welcome Emirates Post users! Here you’ll find comprehensive information for integrating your systems with our Emirates Post API endpoints. We’ve tried to make this documentation user-friendly and example-filled, but if you have any questions, please send us an email to [email protected] or call your customer service representative. If you’re planning to use our API in Production, take a look at our Privacy Policy. The fastest way to get your integration up and running is to use this guide, which walks you through the entire integration step-by-step.

Are you an enterprise customer? Experience efficient, customized integration with our courier and postal systems. With Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), we offer a secure and flexible form of data exchange that minimizes data entry. So even if you have to process thousands of shipments, our systems will generate your AWBs effortlessly.

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The available endpoints that you can integrate

Pickup & Delivery APIs

Create Booking, Print Labels, Track Shipments, Delivery Instructions, Custom Descriptions

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Prices APIs

This endpoint can be used to calculate the shipment's cost as per the customer's rate card

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Locations APIs

Countries, Cities, Emirates Details, Region Details

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Customer Endpoint

Emirates Post use this customer end point to push shipment status to their customers

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Contact Us

Short description about provided endpoint for Contact Us

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General Info & FAQs

Security, Versions and Frequently Asked Questions

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Save time by creating EMS shipments in bulk through our International Express Bulk Booking portal. You don’t need to install any software – all you need is an internet connection and an Emirates Post contract.

  • Create multiple or single EMS shipments on Excel

  • Use address book to find sender details

  • Print/reprint AWBs individually or in bulk

  • Create manifest reports

  • Export shipment reports to Excel

  • Search and track shipments between selected dates

  • Look up HS codes for your product category

  • Sample Excel template

  • User manual

E-commerce plugins

We are working towards providing e-commerce businesses operated on generic e-commerce platforms with ready plugins to avail our services seamlessly.

The plugins once installed on the e-commerce platform will allow your customers to get live rates on checkout and allow you to create bookings (pickup request), print AWBs and track shipments from the admin panel of your e-commerce platform.

For more information or support, contact your account manager or the Business Support Team.

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